A Fresh Start 1

A Fresh Start

Former inmates receive even greater attention and care as they transition back into the community.

Wheelchairs With Purpose 1

Wheelchairs with Purpose

Individuals gain a unique sense of purpose from working in a non-profit wheelchair-refurbishing program.

Room to Bloom 1

Room to Bloom

The horticulture program at Crowley County Correctional Facility teaches men about nature and nurture.

Inner Freedom 1

Inner Freedom

At Metro-Davidson County Detention Center, dedicated counselors help inmates break addiction for good.

In Good Faith 1

In Good Faith

An intensive, faith-based mentoring program shows inmates that they’re not alone.

Out of the Woodwork 1

Out of the Woodwork

Crowley County Correctional Facility’s unique journeyman program makes a difference for inmates, as well as nearby communities.

Learn By Heart 1

Learn By Heart

At Hardeman County Correctional Facility, GED educators aren’t just teaching, they’re changing lives.